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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day Nine. . . Thursday

I often worry that today's children are over pressured, over scheduled, and under socialized. When I was a child we played outside all day with our friends and figured out how to use our imaginations and get along with each other. Kids today don't get to do that. It's not safe to run freely through the neighborhoods and they have tons of other obligations. Not enough time to just be kids. I know plenty of adults who are over pressured, over scheduled and under socialized. They don't tend to be the greatest people to be around. While I can't take away the academic and athletic pressures, or the burdensome schedules, I can at least help them learn pro-social skills.

Here I am attempting to provide an environment in which the children have to work together to accomplish a goal. In this case, paint a collaborative picture using only three colors.

From the outside looking in.

Children at work learning to compromise and listen to one another's ideas.

Super Happy Fun Time!
A chance to unwind with some great friends.

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