Simply Read, Rifle, CO
photo by Tobin Sanson

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Michael Jackson Experience

A few weeks back Andrew and I had the pleasure of hosting Keith Ladzinski once again. This time Sam, Grubb, and Andy Mann were also in attendance.  

The night started at the 5Points Film Festivals' 5Stories, 5Courses, 5Brews event at the restaurant six89. 5 different story tellers told their stories as we enjoyed a delicious 5 course meal, accompanied by 5 New Beligium beers. Andrew was one of the story tellers!

After that it was back to the house to play some Michael Jackson on the Wii. Andrew and I had the opportunity to play this game in Atlanta over Christmas and ordered it immediately upon arriving home.

I'll let this video, made by Keith, tell the story of the evening.

click here to play

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ushering in 2011

Today is 1-11-11. The perfect day to reflect on the past and resolve to be better in the future.

So here it goes, the top 10 of 2010.
1. Finally broke the 5.14 barrier
2. Graduated from "beginner" skier to "intermediate" skier by catching some air!
3. Visited Bishop for the first time
4. Successfully hatched chickens (mostly)
5. Spent Christmas at an indoor water park with the family
6. Spent lots of time with old and new friends
7. Read the Twilight series in 4 days
8. Bought a new road bike
9. Witnessed the slaughtering of a calf
10. Visited the biggest aquarium and the biggest climbing gym in the country, both in Atlanta.

And the 11 resolutions of 2011. I plan to check these next year, so hold me to them!
1. European climbing trip, a must
2. Another 5.14
3. Break my bouldering plateau
4. Train (at least occasionally) for climbing
5. Take vitamins every day
6. Make quality time with friends a priority
7. Learn some new dance moves
8. Actually try to mixed climb
9. Less multitasking, more focus on each task at hand
10. Have fun
11. More FUN

Lastly, here are some pics from my recent trip to the Southeast for bouldering and some family fun.

James Pullman with his BBQ Pork Sundae

Stone Summit Climbing Gym, Atlanta

AB hard at work

Kate Reese McGinnis with daughter Annie

Blake Cash

Christmas Morning

Fort Rapids, Columbus, OH

adorable nephew

niece on Christmas Day

Hot Tub in Ouray, CO