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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chicks and Ducklings

I was just looking over my past blog entries and realized that I never posted pics of this year's flock.

This was the third year that I attempted to hatch chick with my Kindergarten class. After last year's dreaded half chicken incident, I was a bit nervous, especially since I would be adding duck eggs into the mix.

Luckily this year's hatch was a success. Only full chickens and ducks! When all was said and done we had 4 chicks (Batman, Robin, Lila, and something else) and 5 ducklings (Mario, Mac, Vincent, Uncle Quaker, Katilina).

I can't express how wonderful of an experience this is for the children. Something they'll remember for the rest of their lives.

The night before hatching day.
I was a bit excited to test out my costume, which I wore most of the week.

Our first two chicks
Chicken hatching video!

We put this photo in the chicken trough to keep them company.

Duck eggs!

We had given up hope on this one and turned off the incubator.
3 hours later, he made a go at it.

Duckling breaking through the shell.


The ducklings first swim.

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