Simply Read, Rifle, CO
photo by Tobin Sanson

Friday, August 20, 2010

Simply Read

There are a few perks to being a Kindergarten teacher. We have some very funny stories, we are treated as near celebrities when spotted in public by a student, and we get SUMMER VACATION!

As the school year ramps back up I'm left reminiscing on this past summer vacation’s highlights.
1. I took my 9 year old niece rock climbing in the Red River Gorge, KY

2. I went on an 80+ hour road trip to the Midwest/Southeast to visit friends and family.

3. My beloved van was retired and I inherited my mother's Nissan Maxima.

Art Work by Meg Bisharat (the van in all her glory)

5. I took advantage of living in a beautiful valley filled with bike paths and alpine lakes.

6. And most importantly, I got to climb whenever I wanted!

This summer I managed to send a project that I'd been working on for longer than I care to admit. Simply Read is not exactly my style of a route.  It's a powerful route with one very big move that sent me flying into my belayer over and over and over again. I honestly lost count of the number of times I fell on that move. If it's below 15 I'd be shocked.

As with all projects, the fateful day finally came when I stuck that one move from the ground! The rest of the climb is no joke, but I managed to get myself to the top.  Luckily Joe Kinder was able to get a few shots of the send.

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