Simply Read, Rifle, CO
photo by Tobin Sanson

Friday, July 8, 2011

Dumpster BBQ

A few years back I managed to send Dumpster BBQ, 5.13c, Rifle, CO. Dumpster is a notoriously sandbagged route, even at 13c. This is to say it's very hard. It's the kind of climb where you count yourself lucky to squeak out a send and then never get on again, thus never having to face that fact that the send may have been a fluke.

I was reminded of the difficulty of this climb when Duane Raleigh, good friend and publisher of Rock and Ice Magazine, decided that Dumpster BBQ got good light and would shoot well. "Jen's done this before right?" he says to Andrew, my boyfriend.  "Let's shoot it this week."

So, last week I found myself back on Dumpster BBQ. But this time without my shield of well worked beta and a lack of outside pressure to do well. What resulted was a very good and unexpected workout for me, one which I'm already grateful for, and a cool little video.

Click here to watch

Climber's note: It's always strange to watch yourself in a video. I think I look pretty bad in this one. I blame it entirely on the pollen! I suffer from intense seasonal allergies.

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  1. you're a badass!! i don't have enough megabytes on my stupid inet account to watch this video, but i'm pretty sure you destroy in it! miss you guys and hope you both keep tearing it up this season!! xxx